Saponista Stain Removal Laundry Bar

Saponista Stain Removal Laundry Bar

I’m so impressed with these stain remover bars that Nooby Noo has teamed up with the wonderful Saponista to provide these magical laundry bars to you. 

They are amazing and pair up perfectly with not just cloth sanitary pads but can be used any day-to-day stains.

This laundry bar is an effective way of removing stains from clothing and cloth sanitary pads without the harsh chemicals that come in off-the-shelf stain removal products. So no fear of any irritation!

This stain removal bar is made from coconut oil soap made using the traditional cold process method.

Just wet the bar, massage a small amount into the stain and wash in your machine with the rest of your laundry.

For tougher stains rinse with cold water and repeat the process several times to release the stain. Comes as a FULL SIZED 90g stain bar and last a long time!! IngredientsSodium cocoate

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