Making the switch to cloth can seem overwhelming, all those shapes and choices, how do you know you're picking the right pad for you?


Well you're in safe hands with Nooby Noo. All our pads are built with specialist, high end, quality fabrics. Each core is built specifically on flow requirements (many hours of testing with pipettes and warm water!). 


  • Measure your current pad! The average regular disposable sanitary pad is around 9" to 10" inches in length. If you find this length suits you then head for a reusable pad in a similar length. If you find them too small then perhaps size up, or size down if you find the disposable ones are too long.

  • You will notice snapped width mentioned a lot. This is where the pad snaps together underneath your underwear. Most ladies find the standard 2.5" snapped width works perfectly well for them. 
    Smaller ladies like tweens find a 2.2" much more comfortable, my daughter prefers a smaller snapped width, her hips are smaller so the space between her legs is slight (well certainly compared to mine!). 
    Others prefer a wider snapped width. My suggestion (if you are new to cloth pads) is to start with the 2.5" and go from there.


  • Our liner pads/Panty Liner are nice and thin, offering help for spotting/minimal bleeding. Often used as a end of period pad.

  • Our light pads offer one layer of Bamboo Terry for a little extra protection - Often used as cup back-up or light periods.

  • Our regular pads are certainly the most popular. The inside consisting of one layer cotton flannel and one layer or specialist absorbent core.

  •  Heavy pads are great for slightly heavier periods or night time use. They have two layers of specialist absorbent cores with cotton flannel. 

  • Super Heavy/Postpartum pads offer maximum protection for those who have just had a baby or those of us who have very heavy periods. Inside they consist of 3 layers very absorbent specialist fabrics plus cotton flannel. They have been tried, tested and loved by many, also rumored to fascinate midwives!! 

  • Most ladies find their period tends to lighten quickly once they've made the switch. So I recommend buying a mix of pads rather than jumping in with a million heavies only to find your flow changed to much lighter! There are no chemicals like there are in disposable pads, so the experience is often reported to be much nicer!

  • Some ladies find their flow tends to go in a direction, either heading towards the front of a pad, or towards the back. If you tend to find your flow goes towards a certain direction we offer pads that focus on this. Front flow focused pads and back flow focused pads! The pad is asymmetrical, the larger area is where most of the flow goes. This is what that means when you see this.

Everybody is different and once you've tried a few you'll get to know what works for you. My most popular shape to start with is the Angel Wing shape, it suits most body shapes and never fails. 

Be sure to grab a custom slot if you'd like to order pads built especially for you! Always happy to answer any questions. Hit the 'Get in Touch' button and i'll respond as soon as I can.

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